Addendum to Kirt’s Fantasies Revealed

Fantasy KirtyThis has been bugging me for a while. When I compiled a list of fantasy guest hosts for Write Reads in a previous post, there was one grievous omission. It boggles my mind how I could have neglected to add this name to my list. In fact, he should be Number 1 on the list: Levar Burton! Reading Rainbow. Star Trek. Come on, Kirt! Where’s your head at? Tania has even met the man. When she recounted their conversation about kids books and kids bookstores, I actually got choked up. So, my list now stands corrected.

After reading his blog, and having read, and thoroughly enjoyed, The Radleys and The Humans, I’d like to add Matt Haig’s name to this list, as well. He seems like our kind of guy.

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4 Responses to Addendum to Kirt’s Fantasies Revealed

  1. Levar Burton would be amazing. We all need more Reading Rainbow in our lives.

  2. LEVAR!! Of course. How could you have missed him. And Matt Haig is a pretty good choice as well.

  3. ebookclassics says:

    Agreed! I think both would make excellent hosts. I don’t follow Matt Haig on Twitter, but I’ve seen a few of his tweets and he’s hilarious.

  4. writereads says:

    While I would love to have Levar on the show, I’m not sure I’d be able to contain myself. I giggle enough as it is, let alone with Levar friggin’ Burton in the room. 🙂 -Tania

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