Kirt’s Fantasies Revealed!

What's in that huge head?

What’s in that huge head?

If you were looking for titillation, you’re going to be disappointed.

The countdown to our second guest hosted podcast, with Laura from Reading in Bed, has begun. I’m really looking forward to it. I think that our discussion of Frog Music is going to be very interesting, and having a third voice to add to the conversation will make it that much more so. While I’m certain that Laura is going to do an excellent job, and while our first guest host, Rianne Nicolai, is one of my favourite people, I find that this week I’m thinking a lot about my fantasy guest host list. These aren’t necessarily Fantasy authors whom I’d like to have on the show, but famous people that I think would make excellent guest hosts. I think the beauty of having these guests would be to have them not talking about themselves but talking about a book. What kind of insights would they bring to the reading and the discussion? Some guys have Fantasy Football. I have this. So, here is my top ten list:

  1. David Byrne – He’s not just the genius behind Talking Heads. His two most recent books, Bicycle Diaries and How Music Works, have been critical successes, and have both been on my TBR list for a while now. Even if you’re only familiar with his song lyrics, you can see why he’s on my list.
  2. Ricky Gervais – In addition to being one of the funniest people on the planet, Mr. Gervais has a degree in philosophy. No one can deny that he has taken the sitcom and the mockumentary to a new level, and his standup is quite thoughtful and intelligent in addition to being extremely funny (his analysis of the story of Noah nearly injured me). Also, I have made it one of my personal missions in life to make him laugh (I love his laugh).
  3. Tina Fey – So, I really like smart, funny people. So what?  Bossypants is supposed to be a wonderful read (the aforementioned Rianne gave it 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads).  Anybody who has seen her Weekend Update or “30 Rock” knows that the lady can write. Also, I have a little crush on her.
  4. David Suzuki – Both Tania and I are fans of this man. We basically grew up with him in our homes (not literally, of course). Maybe he’d like the opportunity to talk about something other than impending ecological disaster?
  5. Stephen Fry – Tania has recently thoroughly enjoyed The Fry Chronicles. I have enjoyed Mr. Fry in everything I’ve ever seen him in. Did you see him obliterate Archbishop John Onaiyekan in the Intelligence Squared debate? I want that man on our show.
  6. Mary Walsh – You see this smart, funny pattern happening here, right? I’ve loved her since Codco, and she had her own book program on CBC, so she’s a perfect fit really.
  7. Michael Chabon – It’s MICHAEL CHABON!
  8. Joss Whedon – It is not exaggerating to say that Write Reads would not exists without this man. Again with the smart and funny, right? He is a demi-god to Tania and me, and if you’ve ever heard him speak, you’d see why he’d also make a divine guest host.
  9. Lawrence Hill – Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Even if I wasn’t crazy about Blood: The Stuff of Life, I did say that I enjoyed listening to his Massey Lectures. I think that he’d be a terrific guest host.
  10. Levar Burton (see subsequent post)

I hope that these people google themselves on a regular basis, and that they contact us to be a part of Write Reads. I’d also encourage any of you who know someone who knows someone to work your magic on our behalf. And if anyone wants to start a viral campaign to make this list a reality, make it so.



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9 Responses to Kirt’s Fantasies Revealed!

  1. Love this list! I hope you succeed in making Ricky Gervais laugh one day – he does have the best laugh!

  2. writereads says:

    I think we can make it happen . . . someday.

  3. lauratfrey says:

    Well I have a lot to live up to on Friday :S !!

  4. Great list. I have to admit that i have a girl crush on Tine Fey. But who doesn’t? And i like that you have a fair bit of Can con in your list. Always important. Is Tania going to do a list too?

  5. writereads says:

    It would appear we do have a lot of live up to on Friday, Laura 🙂
    And 7 of the people on my list would be the same as Kirtles’, so I don’t think my list would be that interesting…

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