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  1. Does your Podcast do graphic novels? I understand this would all be strictly verbal but there are a lot of excellent works such as Richard Poplak’s Kenk, Jason Kieffer’s Zanta (both of which are Torontonian comics) and Shane Kirshenblatt’s Dorothy Gale-Journey to Oz. I’m not sure if there are physical copies of the latter, but there definitely are some of the first two.

    Also, in terms of novels I really love Gwendolyn MacEwen. Her Julian the Magician, King of Egypt, King of Dreams, and her Noman and Noman’s Land books are superb and I would to see a podcast on those.

  2. Also, and this might be harder to get a copy of, I am curious as to what you might focus on if you read Stephen Andrew Lee’s Sanctuary: The Vampire Sex Bar. It is a series of short stories set around the former Sanctuary Nightclub in Toronto.

  3. writereads says:

    Hi Matthew,
    We have a little “schedule of reading” up on our “About” page and we do our graphic novels in September (sorry, you’ll have to wait a bit)! Thank you so much for the suggestions! We’ll keep them in mind for our September pick.
    And I’ve been looking at the MacEwan books myself, We do our historical fiction novels in January, so I’ll put her in the running for that 🙂
    Thanks so much for contributing!

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