Kirt Callahan and Tania Gee are two readers who became best of friends while working at the fabulous independent bookstore, Greenwoods’ Bookshoppe & Small World. The store has now closed (a traumatic event for both of them), and they wanted to keep on loving books together, so they started this podcast. It’s all really quite disgustingly sweet.

Currently Reading:  Chop Suey Nation by Ann Hui

Media coverage (ie: We’re getting famous!) Edmonton Journal

Media coverage (ie: We’re getting famous!) Toronto Star

Before you read on, please note that we STRONGLY RECOMMEND getting your books & e-books from a bricks & mortar establishment. Borrow books from your local library, or buy your books from independent bookstores (or at least from a bricks & mortar bookstore) whenever possible.

This is a book club podcast, so we want your opinions. Go to our contact page to find out how you can contribute. We (with the help of our listeners) select a different book every two months. We try to stick with paperbacks as much as possible and all books must be written by a Canadian author. You don’t have to be born and raised in Canada to be considered Canadian in our opinion, you just have to have lived here for at least a few years of your life.

Schedule of Reading

March- Chop Suey Nation by Ann Hui – Non-Fiction
April – Write Reading in Bed Month with Laura
May – As for Me and My House by Sinclair Ross Canadian Classic
June – Kirt’s choice (it’s his birthday)                                                                                                                                             July – Humour                                                                                                                                     August – Indie Publisher                                                                                                        September – Graphic Novel/Comic Book                                                                                        October – Write Reading in Bed Month with Laura                                                         November – Speculative Fiction/Fantasy/Sci-Fi
December – Children’s Book                                                                                                         January – Historical Fiction                                                                                                        February – Tania’s Choice (it’s her birthday)

Who are we?


Tania Gee is working on a children’s literature video podcast and working at the best comic book store in the world, Happy Harbor Comics. She spends her nights teaching Tribal Fusion bellydance at two great studios in Edmonton, Bedouin Beats and School of Raq. She’s also an organizer for Pure Spec: Edmonton’s festival of Science and Fiction.


Kirt Callahan has been an avid reader since he could first read. He has been an aspiring writer since he discovered that one could be such a thing. Eventually, this led him to Dalhousie University where he got himself a MA in English Literature. After leaving his home town of Halifax, NS and moving to Edmonton, AB, he quickly got into the book business and has been loving it ever since. Kirt returned to Halifax in 2017 and hopes to keep Write Reads going as a multi-city venture.

The Write Reads theme song was composed and performed by Kirt Callahan.








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  2. I absolutely love your blog and I know you must get these all the time but I wanted to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award 😀 Hope you have the time check this out!

    • writereads says:

      Thank you so much for the nomination! We just did the Liebster awards and we were so honoured to be nominated for that, too! I think we’ll wait on filling out the VIBA so that people don’t get too sick of random facts about us, but we’ll fill it out soon. We would not want to disrespect a nomination 🙂 -Tania

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