Keeping Promises

In keeping with our kind and honourable natures, we are keeping our promise after your vote for more notice of our upcoming reads. We will be keeping our reading choices posted with 3 months advance notice on the About page.

allmypunysorrowsMay: Today (and all this week) you can vote on our May Mystery read! See below.
June: Kirt is excited to announce that after much grueling thought, he has chosen All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews as his June Birthday read.
April: We are very pleased to announce that Laura from the yeggie nominated Reading in Bed, will be back for another New Release April – she’ll be letting us know her choice soon, or maybe she’ll do a vote, she’s crazy like that.

I am clearly also a little crazy as I decided to put the months in that order. But I’m not going to change it. I’m a determined non-perfectionist. It’s not going to bug me at all.

oncetimenine400As for Tania’s promises, I’ve been blogging more, getting re-acquainted with book blogging friends, and I’ve joined a book challenge, Once Upon A Time1, which is in its ninth year of encouraging fairy tale/fantasy/folklore reads. Thanks to Helen at She Reads Novels for making me aware of this. This book promise is right up my alley, and I’m curious to see how a veteran challenge works. I’ve actually already completed The Journey (the easiest of the challenges, as they have many) by reading Vicious (see my review here) by V.E. Schwab, and I’ll be moving on to the Short Story Challenge next.

Back to the WR promises. Please picture me doing a deep announcer’s voice.
May2015Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble!  For May Mystery it’s a battle royale, prairie-style! We’ll be asking you to choose between two Edmonton mystery writers: Janice MacDonald and Wayne Arthurson! Two titles enter, only one will get read!2

Fall from Grace by Wayne Arthursonfall-from-grace-final
Marking the debut of Leo Desroches, one of the most unusual amateur detectives ever to appear in Canada or points south, this fast-paced, enthralling mystery is the story of a man who had everything, lost it all, and is trying to get it back. Leo Desroches doesn’t look like a native, but his mother was Cree, and he understands the problems of indigenous Canadians of the First Nations. Which is probably why the Edmonton newspaper he writes for decides he should be their Aboriginal Issues reporter.

When he’s assigned to cover the murder of a young native prostitute, it’s just one more story…until the cop in charge lets him view the corpse, something the Edmonton police never do. When Leo writes his article, it starts a chain of events that leads him to discover a much, much bigger story, one that could bring down the entire police department…if it doesn’t get him killed

Condemned to Repeat by Janice MacDonaldcondemned_small
It should be noted that some of MacDonald’s books can be hard to find, so we went with this more recent and highly reviewed Randy Craig mystery. Miranda Craig is a reluctant sleuth slash English academic who is dating an Edmonton police officer and often gets herself right in the middle of trouble.

For anyone other than Randy Craig, a contract to do archival research and web development for Alberta’s famed Rutherford House should have been a quiet gig. But when she discovers an unsolved mystery linked to Rutherford House in the Alberta Archives and the bodies begin to pile up, Randy can’t help but wonder if her modern-day troubles are linked to the intrigues of the past

1.I have found that this website needs refreshing before it shows up. Maybe that’s just my browser
2. I use this reality show language because I know how fond Kirt is of using it in regards to books3
3. Yes, my notes in the blog these days are in honour of Sir Terry Pratchett, who was the best footnote writer in the history of the world.

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  1. ebookclassics says:

    Very excited to see what you guys read and talk about in the coming months!

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