Write Reads #63 Madame Victoria by Catherine Leroux


Here’s our chat with Nat! We had fun talking about this excellent Biblioasis publication for our Indie Publisher Month.  You should buy it, read it, and listen to the podcast. Then you should tell us what you thought about this gem of Canadian Literature and what you thought about all the stuff we say about it. You’ll never believe this podcast’s surprise (and very “meta” ending).

Our Graphic Novel Month pick is Hostage by Guy Delisle. Look at us keeping on track [pats own backs]. So far, it’s just Kirt and Tania talking about this one, but if anybody gets a hankering to do a casting of pods, give us a holler.

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2 Responses to Write Reads #63 Madame Victoria by Catherine Leroux

  1. Naomi says:

    I loved this book, but not as much as I loved The Party Wall. It was a great pick for discussion!
    So, did you conclude that the echos through the stories have no purpose? Or you just don’t know what the purpose is? I can’t remember what I decided about that…

    I’m curious to know what Tania thought about Days by Moonlight in the end, and what’s the thing she thought might happen? I really enjoyed his sense of humour in this one. All the problems they had with the Indigenous parade made me laugh!

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