Write Reads #35 The Story Girl by L.M. Montgomery


Alright! Here are our thoughts on this Canadian classic. We discuss Seinfeld and Tania drops the four letter “c word” in the first few minutes. You read that correctly. She drops it in our discussion of a kids book.  It must be a good podcast right? NSFW (ever).

We have also had a clear winner in our vote for the historical fiction title (this time we actually respected the results). The winner is The Outlander by Gil Adamson!

Other books discussed in this podcast:

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7 Responses to Write Reads #35 The Story Girl by L.M. Montgomery

  1. Naomi says:

    I completely agree with you about Road To Avonlea and any other adaptations that were not faithful to the books. Why did they think the originals were not good enough? The second Anne movie was all mixed up, but I did watch that one a few times anyway just to get to that good ending where Anne is up in her room crying with the tears and snot all over her face, realizing what a fool she’s been about Gilbert. But, that third movie I only watched once, because all I could think the whole way through was “What the hell?”. It doesn’t even make sense! Gilbert doesn’t ever go to war! If they wanted an Anne movie that went to war, they could have just skipped the rest of the middle books and gone straight to Rill of Ingleside. Anyway…

    I am so glad Kirt brought up the part about the cucumber and milk. I still remember vividly believing that for years. Back then there was no google to quickly look these things up.

    I’d be up for some book news tidbits!

    • writereads says:

      Right? Why weren’t the books, that had stood the test of time, good enough?
      And yeah, I seriously still thought that cucumbers and milk were toxic. Glad Kirt had the sense to google it.
      I think the random news tidbits might be good -thanks for listening! -Tania

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  3. lauratfrey says:

    Catching up with you guys. I was just waiting for the C word to drop. It was glorious.

    I think news would be good. You don’t need to compete with CBC Books, you just need to give your perspective… something no one else can do. Competitive advantage: Write Reads 🙂

  4. lauratfrey says:

    Oh yeah. I’m so mad I didn’t think of reading a book from every year I’ve been alive. Since I’m doing 35 books this year. It’s too late, I’ve already read 3 from 2015.

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