Write Reads #22 Blind Spot by Laurence Miall with Guest Host Alexis Kienlen

HoorBlind Spotray! We finally did it, and it was worth the wait (in our humble opinion).  Alexis Kienlen proved to be yet another excellent guest host, and we, again, thank her for joining us. We had a lot to say about Laurence’s fantastic novel, and about our base of operations, Edmonton, Alberta. Have a listen and let us know if you have anything to contribute to the discussion (or if there is anything with which you take issue).

We have also taken your feedback from the poll for the next book we’ll be reading for our speculative fiction month, and we have almost completely ignored it. Well, not exactly. Due to Tania’s illness, and our shorter reading time between books, we decided to go with the second place winner, Half World by Hiromi Goto. For all of you who voted for Widdershins, we promise that we will do it for a later podcast.

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5 Responses to Write Reads #22 Blind Spot by Laurence Miall with Guest Host Alexis Kienlen

  1. lauratfrey says:

    Finally!! Guess I have to go to the gym soon (that’s the only time I have the wifi and alone-ness to listen to podcasts)

  2. lauratfrey says:

    Oh man, Tania, I don’t think you’re gross. Far from it. Listening to your conversation made me realize, I think a lot of my strong reactions were because the character hit home, more than I want to admit!

    I wish you guys had talked about the ending. I still don’t really know what to make of it!

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