Flagged Victor Playlist

This might become a thing for me. Flagged Victor had all kinds of music running through my head. It was hard to choose just these songs, but I did it. I tried to include stuff that matches the time period, or, in some cases, the time when I was the age of the protagonist. Hope this whets your appetite for the podcast on Monday.


1. “The Sprawl I and II” by Arcade Fire

2. “The Boys in the Bright White Sports Car” by Trooper

3. “Superman” by REM (There were a bunch of REM songs (“Night Swimming” was a very close contender))

4. “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana

5. “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy (maybe a bit too on the nose?)

6. “Nautical Disaster” by The Tragically Hip

7. “F**k and Run” by Liz Phair

8. “Sure Shot” by The Beastie Boys

9. “Don’t Give Up” by Feist and Timber Timbre

10. “Walk On” by U2

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