Write Reads #62 Boy Wonders by Cathal Kelly


We are so delighted to have Naomi from Consumed by Ink joining us to discuss the 2019 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, Boy Wonders by Cathal Kelly. We delve into lots of stuff in this one. We look forward to the emails and comments that will surely ensue. What’s your take on the Leacock Award? How do you feel about memoirs? Do you remember the television show called V? Are The Littlest Hobo and The Beachcombers not absolute classics of television history? Tell us.

We will be announcing our pick for Indie Month very soon (and maybe a guest host!). Keep your eyes open for that.

Other books discussed in this podcast:

Article mentioned in the podcast:

“CanLit’s Comedy Problem” Literary Review of Canada by Pasha Malla (Kirt apologizes if he may have misgendered Mr. Malla)


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3 Responses to Write Reads #62 Boy Wonders by Cathal Kelly

  1. Naomi says:

    I just finished listening to this and it actually wasn’t as agonizing to listen to myself as I thought it would be. It was kind of like listening to a stranger reading my lines, because I don’t recognize my own voice. I sound like I’m 12 years old!
    Anyway, thanks for having me on! It was great to meet you, Kirt, and nice talking with you, Tania, and fun talking about books!

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