Write Reads #61 Leonard by William Shatner


This may be unprecedented in our history of podcasting but we do not have an episode for you for this book. The recording went screwy and it couldn’t be saved without a great deal of work (in spite of two test recordings beforehand). It is sad because it was a pretty good conversation. If you’re super disappointed, leave a comment saying so. If we get five comments, we’ll post just Tania’s side of the conversation and you can try to reconstruct Kirt’s side of the conversation. If we get more than ten comments, Kirt will re-record his side of the conversation as best he can and post the Frankenstein monster of a podcast. If Bill Shatner, or anybody from the Star Trek universe, comments we will re-record the entire thing with the Star Trek celebrity as a guest host. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure. maybe?

In the podcast we announced that for our humour pick in early July we’ll be joined by our friend Naomi from Consumed by Ink. The book we’ll be reading is Boy Wonders by Cathal Kelly. This memoir is the winner of the 2019 Leacock Medal Award for humour. We’re very excited to finally have Naomi on the pocast and we hope that you’ll run out, buy the book, read it, and join us in July.  Hopefully, laughing all the way.

We also gave a hearty 你好朋友!to our listeners in Hong Kong. Write Reads has more traffic from Hong Kong than anywhere other than Canada. If we have become minor celebrities in China, please let us know. We’re also curious about what brings you to our podcast. At any rate, we’re happy you’re stopping by.

Sorry, once again, for letting you down with podcast #61. We’ll strive to do better in the future, and please vote with your comments for a salvage operation if you really want one.

About writereads

A Canadian book club podcast that will change the world of literature forever.
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3 Responses to Write Reads #61 Leonard by William Shatner

  1. Karen says:

    I am very disappointed. What a sad start to the summer. Looking forward to Boy Wonder. Did you see Amy Jones has a new book out?

    • writereads says:

      I’ll take this as one vote for partial reconstruction.

      I will definitely be picking up Amy’s newest. We’re All In This Together was terrific . She’s an author to look out for. – Kirt

  2. lauratfrey says:

    OMG that’s great that you’re having Naomi on the podcast!! Ugh podcasts can be so finicky. Lost to the ether.

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