Write Reads #49 The Hidden Keys by Andre Alexis


Join us for our discussion of Book 4 in Alexis’ planned Quincux. We had much to talk about in this podcast for Tania’s birthday pick. We hope that we covered the major bases. Let us know if you have any further thoughts on the topics we discussed or if there are any topics we may have missed. We always love your feedback.

You will notice that there is an additional audio file for your listening pleasure. This is our discussion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in honour of the show’s 20th anniversary. You can let us know if you have anything to add to our thoughts.

Canadian Book News:

Other books discussed in this podcast:



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3 Responses to Write Reads #49 The Hidden Keys by Andre Alexis

  1. Renée Poffley says:

    Please immediately start a Buffyverse podcast! It was so interesting to hear your thoughts, but I wish you had talked a bit about what you DO like! Haha. And Kirt, I disagree that Xander would’ve voted for Trump (even if only for the sake of all his LGBTQ+ friends). Tania, working at HH, or Kirt: have you read the comics? I haven’t read them all yet but I’m up to early season 9, and I wonder what you guys think, especially about all the new relationships that are explored and whether or not you think they’ve matured or if they’re still making the same mistakes!

    • writereads says:

      So nice to hear from you, Renée! I was a little bit too negative, wasn’t I, considering it was supposed to be in celebration of the 20th. I only read part of season 8. I’m waiting to see if season 10 is the last and then I’ll get them all and binge read them. It was a while ago but I do remember being fairly pleased with season 8.What do you think about starting a Buffy podcast, Tania? Think we can do two podcasts a month?

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