Write Reads #48 The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan by Robert Hough


Hey there, Buccaneers! Why don’t ye get yerself settled in like and have an earfull of our Historical Fiction Pick podcast? You can plunder and pillage our thoughts . . . um, or something. Henry Morgan: Admirable Swashbuckler or Glorified Small-Handed Pirate? Chess metaphors: Not Just for Dorks Anymore. How much history do you need in your historical fiction? If any of this interests you, you’ll be well satisfied with old #48.

Our Canadian Book News in this podcast is The Biggest! There have been whispers, innuendos, hints, loose talk, and radical assertions, but it is now official, Write Reads: After Canada Reads is happening! In the last week of April (we’re recording on April 23rd), and once you’ve had time to calm down after Canada Reads,  you will be able to hear Write Reads contributing to the Great Canadian Tradition of  book debates. Or you can totally ignore Canada Reads and just pay attention to us. It’s entirely your choice. There’s lots of info in the podcast about this Event to Rock the Nation and an After Canada Reads page will soon pop up here (a place to give your suggestions about discussion topics, more info about our debate theme, and more info about our participants and the books they will be championing). Watch this space for that!

WR:ACR Debate Question:
Who is the best female character in Canadian fiction?

WR:ACR books:

We also announced the winner of our Non-Fiction Pick poll. Brown: What being Brown in the World Today Means (to Everyone) by Kamal Al-Solaylee was the clear favourite. Go get a copy and join us for our non-fiction podcast in early April.

Other books mentioned in this podcast:


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1 Response to Write Reads #48 The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan by Robert Hough

  1. Naomi says:

    I appreciate your thoughts on Duke. I’ve been thinking about reading it since it won the Winterset Award, and I really loved the novel that didn’t win (Ledger of the Open Hand). It sounds like a maybe-someday-when-I-have-more-time book.
    I think my reaction to The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan falls more in line with Kirt’s than Tania’s, but I still haven’t finished it. Maybe that epilogue will swing me!

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