Write Reads #42 The Party Wall by Catherine Leroux


Has everybody done their reading for this podcast? We hope so because spoilers abound in this episode and this is the type of novel that will be seriously ruined by spoilers (or even reading the back of the book, as the case may be). We really loved this little gem and hope that you will go get a copy and read it, if you have not done so already, and then listen to the podcast.

We also announce that our humour pick for the next podcast is Republic of Dirt by Susan Juby. Kirt’s track record with Leacock Award winners is pretty bleak so let’s hope that this one is the one that breaks that streak [a little rhyme for you – ed.].

If you are interested in a discussion about Edmonton’s obnoxious car culture then stick around after the closing theme music for a little treat (followed by “the cutest sneeze on the planet”).

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9 Responses to Write Reads #42 The Party Wall by Catherine Leroux

  1. Naomi says:

    Ok, so I’ve finally read it.
    1. I totally didn’t get the connection between the Monte Carlo and Roberto, so thank you!
    2. What do you think she was trying to say about rat tails and cat tails – both were mentioned many times (Ed’s rat-tail and Francisca’s stuffed cat with the missing tail). Any ideas?
    3. When Carmen poured out that box of old stuff and the rabbit’s foot was one of the objects, I immediately thought of Paul and his rabbit’s foot. Is Paul Carmen’s father, or is the timing all wrong? I’m starting to get confused… But, I feel like there must be a point to Paul besides a love interest for Madeleine – the mysterious bachelor…
    This is definitely a book to read twice!

    • writereads says:

      I didn’t even notice the Paul connection! I think this book could stand many re-readings to map out all of the possible connections and intersections. I’m not sure what to make of the “tails question.” Maybe something to do with the various tales, both hidden and revealed? Maybe Tania has some insight? – Kirt

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  5. Marj says:

    The woman’s constant laughing after almost every comment is very annoying!!!

  6. LOL – I just read this book. The connections are all so interested and difficult to follow. I need to write it all out and was hoping this podcast would clear it all up. Alas you both seem as confused as I am! But really, a great attempt and it definitely gave me a few more clues. I’m going to re-read, try writing it out … and then might listen to your podcast again! … Thanks and glad to have discovered your site.

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