Write Reads #41 The Back of the Turtle by Thomas King


This is an unprecedented podcast with Tania and Kirt recording in two different locations. If you want to find out Tania’s secret location you will have to listen to the podcast. That’s just the way it is. Our lack of physical proximity in no way diminished the quality of this episode of Write Reads. How could it not be a good one? We’re talking about our mutual favourite, Thomas King (or, as Tania calls him, “Tom”), and his excellent new novel. So much to talk about here but we manage to cover some of the major bases and we also have a great deal of fun doing it (please let us know if that is a run-on sentence).

We have also, once again, decided to throw tradition and order to the wayside and have decided that August is now Classic or Indie Publisher Month, depending on our collective mood, whims, and necessities. Our next read will be indie publisher BiblioasisThe Party Wall by  Catherine Leroux. We would like to apologize for Tania’s poor research skills and Kirt’s total ignorance for mistakenly stating that the french title for this novel is La marche en forêt. That is actually Leroux’s first novel. The french title for this one is Le mur mitoyen. This ruins a whole sequence of banter in the podcast but we hope that it doesn’t ruin anybody’s day.

Other people/items/monsters mentioned in this podcast:

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5 Responses to Write Reads #41 The Back of the Turtle by Thomas King

  1. lauratfrey says:

    Guys!! I am so chuffed that you are chuffed for me. As a long-time Corrie fan, I do not hear that word in real life often enough. Thank you so much!

    I commented as such on Facebook, but have you considered having Bronwen guest host a podcast? I think she’d be great.

    I was thinking bout reading The Party Wall, actually. Natalie offered me a copy too but I’ve been staying away from review books, but it’s out now. When will that podcast go up?

  2. lauratfrey says:

    Oh and yes I didn’t address Write Reading in Bed – totally open to getting more involved in the podcast 🙂

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