The Graphic Novel Pick You’ve All Been Waiting For!

trilliumOur apologies for dragging our heels on announcing the book of the month. We had actually decided a while ago but didn’t get around to letting you all know what it is. At any rate, it’s Trillium by Jeff Lemire! Go out and get a copy, read it, and then listen to us talk about it. If you were feeling really ambitious, after you read it, and before we discuss it, you might share with us some things that you might think need discussing? Whatever happens we hope you enjoy the reading and the listening.

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A Canadian book club podcast that will change the world of literature forever.
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3 Responses to The Graphic Novel Pick You’ve All Been Waiting For!

  1. Picked up my copy yesterday. I’m really pumped about it. I absolutely love Jeff Lemire. And this one seems particularly trippy. I’ll be back with some chin-scratchers* for you once I read it.


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