Write Reads #29 Fall From Grace by Wayne Arthurson

fall-from-grace-finalSorry if we left anybody hangin’ and wondering where this month’s podcast got to. More technical problems, friends. Let’s hope they are the last. But, our discussion of our May Mystery Pick is finally here for you to listen to, and hopefully enjoy.

Kirt’s Birthday Pick for next month, for those of you who are new to the game, or not paying attention, is All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews. Our guest host for that podcast will be Rick from Canon Fodder and Through the Pages. We’re excited to have him back. We had fun discussing King Leary with him last year.

We’ll also try to let you know what to expect for the following three months, as we promised to start doing.

Other books discussed in this podcast:

About writereads

A Canadian book club podcast that will change the world of literature forever.
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2 Responses to Write Reads #29 Fall From Grace by Wayne Arthurson

  1. lauratfrey says:

    I *still* haven’t finished listening (often takes me several attempts) but I did track down that negative review. Whoo, that was a doozy! When’s AMPS up?

    • writereads says:

      We’re recording it today. Unless I pour coffee over all of my recording equipment, or accidentally swallow broken glass, or crows establish a rookery in my office. – Kirt

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