Write Reads #28 Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis with Laura from Reading in Bed

15dogsThank you all for your patience!  The highly anticipated podcast with our guest host Laura Frey from Reading in Bed is finally here. Laura is awesome. Fifteen Dogs is awesome. Our discussion is awesome. The recording job is the worst that Kirt has ever done (it sounds like we may have captured some paranormal activity at times). Working with unfamiliar equipment is a pain. Please forgive the sound quality of this episode. You can be sure that when Tania and Kirt discuss Wayne Arthurson’s Fall From Grace for our mystery pick next month we will be back to our usual quality.

We had so much to talk about in this one that, for the first time, we have a supplementary “outtake” for you to listen to should you desire. Many thanks to Laura for always being such a great guest host.

Other books discussed in this podcast:

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Andre Alexis Interviews Mentioned: Q and TNB

Write Reads #28 Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis

WR28 Outtake: Dog Names and Alberta Politics

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9 Responses to Write Reads #28 Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis with Laura from Reading in Bed

  1. Naomi says:

    I’m so happy everyone loved it! And, you’re right, there is just so much to talk about, and a lot of that is not stuff that there are answers to. It was fun listening to everyone’s thoughts on it all. And, I pretty much agreed with everything. Boring, I know. But, it took me two days to listen to this whole thing, in between birthday sleepover activities, childcare, and regular life, and I’ve been interrupted about 5 times since trying to write this comment. So, I think I’ll keep it brief.
    Yay, Andre Alexis! 🙂

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