Find your small Canadian press!

I’m still in the midst of scaling down to 3 jobs instead of 4.  In a couple of weeks I will not only be working a mere 5 days per week (instead of 7) but, those two days off? They will be in a row! It will be the first time I will be working less than 6 days a week in 10 years. I’m pretty impressed with myself. I will then have time for the book blogging world and to tell Kirt he’s being an elitist little weirdo for thinking there are book “experts” and that they have anything more interesting to say than regular readers do*.

But I DID want to post this little tidbit. Canada’s Literary Press Group and Buzzfeed quizzes (a natural match-up?) have paired up to to create a quiz to help you determine the best small Canadian press books for your interests. Answer the questions and not only will you find out which small press books are for you, but they give you a promocode to get 15% OFF at that list! Pretty cool, no? I got The Press Next Door list, which included Laurence Miall’s Blind Spot – which I did love!
* See my comment on his post 🙂

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8 Responses to Find your small Canadian press!

  1. What a great find! Thanks for sharing this link – I got the Strong Silent Press.
    And congratulations on having two days off in a row! That’s massive.

  2. Naomi says:

    I also got The Press Next Door.

  3. writereads says:

    You’re an elitist little weirdo. How’s that for debating skills? – Kirt

  4. Just like Kirt I am a Jet Setter!!

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