Write Reads #24 Us Conductors by Sean Michaels

usconductorsWith plenty of time to read Us Conductors we hope that you are now ready to listen to our thoughts on this really terrific novel, and perhaps share some of your own thoughts with us. We cover a lot of ground in this one. Tania calls out bad customer service workers. Kirt calls out U2. We also talk about the book quite a bit. We hope you will enjoy.

As per usual, we also announce our historical fiction pick for next month’s write read: The Orenda by Joseph Boyden. We’re hoping for lots of input on this one, since it has been so widely read and highly praised.



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Quarks – Orchard Park Shopping Centre, Kelowna, BC


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6 Responses to Write Reads #24 Us Conductors by Sean Michaels

  1. Naomi says:

    I actually got to listen to the whole thing, and I even read the book!
    I agree about the title- I don’t really like it. It put me off at first. I would never have read it without everyone saying how good it was. But, I am so glad I did, because I really liked it. One thing I liked so much about it as a Giller Prize winner, is how appealing it is to a wide audience. You don’t always get that in award-winning books.
    I loved what you said about how it seemed like his whole life was being conducted by someone else.
    And, I also wish I knew what was fact and what was fiction. I often feel that way when reading fictionalized accounts of history. However, it didn’t spoil the story for me. I still loved the story, and it was only later that I wondered about things. But, that’s what google and Wikipedia are for, right?

    • writereads says:

      Thank Yoda for Wikipedia! I use it so much when reading stuff like this.
      You make a great point about award winners sometimes not having wide appeal and this one bucking that trend. I didn’t even think about that, but you’re right!

  2. writereads says:

    Thank you to my bestie, for making sure my maligning of the shoe store was in the summary. It was important to me 🙂 -Tania

  3. Ok, still haven’t started Us Conductors, but i will. And then I will listen.

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  5. lauratfrey says:

    OH my god I just realized The Orenda is next. Really looking forward to that (and need to catch up on this one!) My husband is reading The Orenda right now, on my recommendation, which is also the first time in 11 years he’s taken a book recommendation from me, and the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve known him to read fiction so, kind of excited. Maybe I can make him listen to the podcast too 🙂

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