Write Reads #20 The Girls Who Saw Everything by Sean Dixon

girlssaw20 podcasts! Can you believe that!? Well, it’s true. After a bit of a delay we finally got to talk about this book. We really, really liked it (it would have been terrible if we hadn’t after all of that anticipation). This is the first podcast that is spoiler free. We didn’t want to diminish anybody’s experience reading this book for the first time. So, listen away if you haven’t read it yet. We imagine that after you hear our gushing you’ll want to get your hands on a copy.

We also announce that our next podcast will be ready for your ears on October 13th, when we will be talking about Skim and This One Summer by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki. And, we will be having yet another guest host! Tanya from 52 Books or Bust will be joining us all the way from Scotland in our first trans-Atlantic recording. It should be a gooder.

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A Canadian book club podcast that will change the world of literature forever.
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3 Responses to Write Reads #20 The Girls Who Saw Everything by Sean Dixon

  1. ebookclassics says:

    Oh yay, I’ve heard so much about Skim and This One Summer. I don’t read graphic novels, but I can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

  2. Oh my god. You just said ‘gooder’ and in print! My husband swears that it’s not a really expression, just something I say. But it totally is something other people say and now I have proof.
    And I’m so excited to be on WriteReads. Let’s go change the face of Canadian literature forever.

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