Hiatus Redux

cropped-writereadslogo.jpgYou’ll have to excuse our absence from the blogger-verse over the past few months (you can always not excuse us, if that’s your kind of thing). We live in a city that has nine months of winter and three months of glorious summer, so we have been trying to enjoy as much of that brief respite as possible. Traveling, Fringing, camping, and, in Tania’s case, moving, have all kept us from our computers (Rick and Tania will also tell you how hot my office is in the summer time, so sitting at my computer for any length of time is gross). But now that September is here we will try to maintain our usual presence.

The first bit of news is that our next podcast for The Girls Who Saw Everything will not be available on the date originally indicated (September 8th). It will be posted on Wednesday, September 10th, instead.  More time to read!

I am sad to report that I only managed to complete half of my Victoria Day Self-Challenge. I’m currently about a quarter of the way through Dombey and Son. I do intend to finish it, though. It just won’t be by my Sept. 1st deadline. I am enjoying it (it’s Dickens, after all), but I’m not enjoying it as much as other Dickens novels that I’ve read. It just seems slower, and more directionless, than usual. The characters, the dialogue, and the humour are certainly enough to keep me hooked, though.

More guest bloggers are on the horizon. We just need to firm up dates, and overcome some technical requirements, before we make formal announcements. Also, Tania and I being in the same room, so that we can discuss things, will also help.

Hope you all enjoyed your summers as much as we did.


About writereads

A Canadian book club podcast that will change the world of literature forever.
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5 Responses to Hiatus Redux

  1. Welcome back! Hope you got your fill of summer before the cold sets back in.

  2. I can attest. Writing a blog post in the heat of your office would be like going for a run. You probably have to put a towel around your neck while you write. Like a boxer.

    Hey! You’re an athlete!

  3. My blogging has fallen by the way side as well. And although we don’t get as cold as Edmonton, Edinburgh’s so-called summer is ever so short. Already it is cold and I’ve had my down jacket out at least three times.

  4. Welcome back! Can’t wait to find out what you have planned over the next few months.

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