Canada Day 2014!

A Happy Canada Day to you all!

It’s Canada Day and I’m off to Kirtles’ house with my red cape and basket of books to record the latest Write Reads. I’ll be stopping to pick up a copy of our next book, and I’ll be starting Margaret Laurence’s A Bird in the House for our Summer of the Canadian Short Story challenge. I feel good celebrating at least part of Canada Day with a book instead of a beer. I understand that 90% of all celebrations of nationhood involve alcohol, and I’ll drink to my nation, but sometimes it’s nice to celebrate by way of appreciating something other than our spectacular record for alcohol consumption.

I’ve been looking at CBC’s list of 100 Novels That Make You Proud to be Canadian, recently compiled on Cross Country Check-Up. I have read very few of the books on this list – only 23! – how many have other book bloggers read? It makes me sad that I scored so low on this as, while it misses some of my personal favourites, I feel it’s a pretty damn good list.
Kirtles and I were thinking that mayhaps we should select a few of next year’s books from this list. You know, find ones that fit out monthly themes and slot them in?  I myself would love to read The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches, Skim, and The Golden Mean. Which of the books on the list would you most like us to try?

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18 Responses to Canada Day 2014!

  1. I have read a whopping 9 of those books. But we know where I stand on CanLit. Even on Canada Day. I like the idea of celebrating Canada with a book though! And I can’t wait for the next podcast! Happy Canada Day guys!

  2. 46! Yeah, I’m a bit of a CanLit junkie. And I’m slowly trying to convert The Paperback Princess.

  3. Naomi says:

    Love this list! I have only read 36 of them, but there are so many on there I want to read! And, you’re right, there are also some good ones that are missing. But it’s a good start. Happy Canada Day! I’m spending some of the day playing catch-up on all my favourite blogs! Can’t wait to hear how you like A Bird in the House. Now I want to read it, too. 🙂

    • writereads says:

      It’s a great list, right? And 36 is still way better than my measly 23.
      Just finished the first story in ABITH and it was just incredible. I probably shouldn’t have started with Laurence, as they others will most likely suffer by comparison.
      Have fun catching up! -Tania

  4. Happy Canada to you too!! I am celebrating it outside of Canada yet again this year, but I never felt more Canadian (where all this sudden burst of nationalism is coming from I could not tell you).

    On a not so proud note, I have only read a mere 6 novels 😥 So sad. The Cellist of Sarajevo sounds interesting though. Any recommendations from this list? I am pledging to read more Canadian novels!

    • writereads says:

      I get sudden bursts of nationalism when I’m away from Canada, too!
      The Cellist is supposed to be very good, it’s sitting on my shelf right now. I love Green Grass, Running Water, A Tale for the Time Being, and Fifth Business…there are so many others. -Tania

  5. kmn04books says:

    I would be interested to see what you think of Skim! I read it, but I wasn’t as enamored by it as I am with their newest collaboration This One Summer. Happy Canada Day!

  6. I may have everyone beat, in the worst way: I’ve only read six of these. Six! A blind 10-year-old has probably read more than that. Yeesh.

    As for The Golden Mean, I highly recommend it. It’s fantastic. I absolutely love Annabel Lyon. She’s in contention for my favourite Canadian writer. (Although, after admitting I’ve only read six of these books, that’s not saying much.)

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