National Aboriginal Awareness Month

sanaaqThis post should have been on Monday as Saturday, June 21st was National Aboriginal Day here in Canada, but I was distracted by my birthday celebrations, and it slipped my mind. At any rate, the entire month is devoted to celebrating Aboriginal history and culture, so this isn’t totally belated. Back in October we posted a list of Aboriginal authors that we thought people should check out. On June 21st The 49th Shelf posted their list, and I thought it looked pretty interesting. I was only familiar with one of these titles, Sanaaq, and I was glad to see it featured here. Tania and I were, very kindly, sent reading copies of this novel by The University of Manitoba Press. Tania and I will be meeting very soon about when this novel is going to be podcasted, and about our guest host lineup. We will promptly let you know what’s the what. In hindsight, I should have forfeited my birthday pick, and we could have done Sanaaq in recognition of National Aboriginal Awareness Month, but hindsight is always 20/20. I’m sure that the now very appropriately titled The Best Laid Plans will be a fun podcast, though. We hope you enjoy it too, and that you will enjoy the Sanaaq podcast when it comes.

– Kirt

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