Victoria Day Self-Challenge

middlemarchdombeyCanadians are currently enjoying the Victoria Day long weekend. Most Canadians, that is. I have to work today. The wheels of late capitalism stop for nothing, especially not deceased British monarchs. So, pressed for time, I managed to come up with a Victoria related topic. There are two Victorian novels that I feel that I should have read but have only begun them and never finished: Middlemarch by George Eliot and Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens. Embarrassingly, I wrote a paper on Middlemarch when I was an undergraduate without having finished the book (cheeky!). I have read almost all of Dickens’ work and Dombey and Son is a gap that the completest in me cannot abide. Therefore, I am challenging myself to read both of these massive novels before September 1, 2014. If anyone wants to join me, since reading challenges seem to be en vogue, please do so. I will report on my progress as it happens.

Enjoy what remains of your weekend! – Kirt

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10 Responses to Victoria Day Self-Challenge

  1. Naomi says:

    I just bought Middlemarch not long ago, with plans to read it soon, so I’m tempted, but not sure if I’m ready yet. I just finished Madame Bovary and A Tale of Two Cities, so I think I will take a little break and go back to my regular reading. I wish you luck, though, and will be interested to hear about them once they’re read!

  2. writereads says:

    I’ve read Middlemarch and really liked it, so how’s about I try to read My Life in Middlemarch (a much shorter book) while you read Middlemarch, Kirtles? -Tania

  3. I LOVED Middlemarch. Not sure I’m ready for a re-read although I’ve been thinking about it. If this one book is holding you back from being able to brag that you’ve read all of Dickens’ work then you should really get on that! I would break out that little tidbit all the time!

  4. lauratfrey says:

    Who hasn’t wrote a paper on a book they didn’t read?? Mine was on Zorba the Greek in grade 12. I don’t think I even opened it, and this was before Sparknotes so, I don’t even know what my strategy was. I wish I could go back and find that paper.

    I have never heard of Dombey and Son. I think I will go with a popular Dickens next (not for a while – also just getting over Madame Bovary and TOTC,) probably Oliver Twist or David Copperfield.

    Middlemarch is great. It felt so easy, not because it’s a light read, but because it’s so well written… I’m sure I missed stuff and would probably stand up to multiple rereads.

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