Moose Jaw, Joy, and Sorrows

Random very good Canadian things I found on the internet today:

1. I want to go to Moose Jaw, SK from May 3-10th this year while the National Reading Campaign turns their town into Reading Town. This actually made me weep with joy this morning, and I’m not much of a weeper.
For one week, May 3rd to 10th, 2014, the 35,000 citizens of Moose Jaw,                              
Saskatchewan will weave reading into every aspect of their lives through a series of        exciting, fun public events. They will have that poem delivered with their pizza, enjoy        ‘Reading Glens’  in Crescent Park, discover books in their Welcome Wagon package,          and find tiny lending libraries all over town. In fact, every child born in Moose Jaw           that week will receive a collection of children’s books.

I’ll be using every ounce of manipulation I can muster to get my partner to drive me to Moose Jaw in May. Go check it out:


2. Interested in getting a sneak peak at Miriam Toews’ newest book, All My Puny Sorrows? I know I am! Random House has posted the first chapter for our enjoyment – the book comes out April 15th.

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8 Responses to Moose Jaw, Joy, and Sorrows

  1. That is an amazing thing to do to a town! I wish I could get there!

  2. Naomi says:

    I saw that this morning, too! Love the idea! Too far away for me, though, so I hope the idea spreads.
    And, I’ve already got All My Puny Sorrows on hold at the library (who knows when it will actually come in, but at least they have ordered it already).

    • writereads says:

      I love the library, but for the new and hot books I just don’t have the patience to wait in the lines. I’m too impatient, which is why my bank account looks the way it does. Perhaps I should learn to meditate more? 🙂

  3. If you do get to Moose Jaw take some time and visit the Temple Mineral Spa. 🙂 and Canmore would be fantastic for Alberta’s Reading Town!

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