Look what Kirt found!

canadian-character-showdown-bracket-round2-620Who is the most iconic character in CanLit? Only you can decide! I personally loved that Jacob Two-Two and Duddy Kravitz were pitted against each other. Some of the choices are pretty tough!
Vote: The Great Canadian Character Showdown!

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2 Responses to Look what Kirt found!

  1. Reading the title i thought Anne of Green Gables was the hands down winner, and then you mention Jacob Two Two?! Ack, there really are so many great Canadian character.

    • writereads says:

      I know! I personally think they should just have been Anne in the final round, because she’ll eliminate anything she’s paired up against in the first few. I wanted Dunstan Ramsay and Hagar to make it a little further, dangit! -Tania

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