Irish Blood and Canadian Snow

morleyIn recognition of St Patrick’s Day (in a manner that does not involve green beer and stupid hats), and our anxiousness for winter to be on its way, a little anecdote  about the Irish-Canadian author, Morley Callaghan, who wrote two excellent books that aren’t talked about much anymore, Such Is My Beloved and That Summer in Paris.

The story may be apocryphal, and I was unable to find a source for it, but that is often the case with anecdotes. Callaghan was speaking at a book reading event and during the Q&A session a young man asked, “What is the significance of the fact that it is always snowing in your novels?” Callaghan replied, “It’s Canada, son. It snows a lot.” Irish wit at its best, in my humble opinion.

This post also relates, in a sort of indirect way, to our upcoming discussion of Blood: How Irish is Morley Callaghan, really? How Irish is Kirt Callahan, really?

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