New Year’s Resolutions

Write Reads hopes you all got a chance to take a load off this holiday season. Maybe you got some reading in? I (Tania) have been mostly reading fluff during my time off.
It is my NYR to not put WriteReads to the bottom of my priority list this year. I love doing it so much, but as so often happens with hobbies, when the poop hits the fan, they can often get relegated to bottom rungs. I refuse to let that happen this year – do you hear me universe?
On that note, we are recording the Double WR on Friday and releasing on Monday Jan, 13. We’ll be discussing Sawyer’s Triggers and Doctorow’s Little Brother and all the issues they bring up and also how YA SF compares to adult SF (I always feel funny writing “adult” anything in literature, as it makes it seems as though I’m referring to something R-rated).
And January starts our first full year of following a theme for each month! So on Monday, you’ll get to hear what we picked, with your help, we hope! It’s historical fiction month – a genre of book with which I don’t typically get along well – but not for me the furrowed brow as I look upon this as a mind-opening experience. So, Kirt and I both have a suggestion, but we’d also LOVE your feedback! Is there either one of our picks that you have an affinity for? Any other HF books you want to recommend or suggest? Remember, they have to be by a Canadian author, but not necessarily about Canadian history.
My pick:
The Far Side of the Sky by Daniel Kalla
Far-side-of-the-skyNovember 9, 1938—Kristallnacht—the Nazis unleash a night of terror for Jews all across Germany. Meanwhile, the Japanese Imperial Army rampages through China and tightens its stranglehold on Shanghai, a city that becomes the last haven for thousands of desperate European Jews.
Dr. Franz Adler, a renowned surgeon, is swept up in the wave of anti-Semitic violence and flees to Shanghai with his daughter. At a refugee hospital, Franz meets an enigmatic nurse, Soon Yi “Sunny” Mah. The chemistry between them is intense and immediate, but Sunny’s life is shattered when a drunken Japanese sailor murders her father.
The danger escalates for Shanghai’s Jews as the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. Facing starvation and disease, Franz struggles to keep the refugee hospital open and protect his family from a terrible fate.
The Far Side of the Sky focuses on a short but extraordinary period of Chinese, Japanese, and Jewish history when cultures converged and heroic sacrifices were part of the everyday quest for survival.

horsemanKirt’s Pick:
The Horseman’s Graves by Jacqueline Baker
A stunning novel of passion, sin and redemption, The Horseman’s Graves returns to the harsh locale of Sand Hills on the Saskatchewan-Alberta border, the location for Jacqueline Baker’s multiple award-winning short story collection A Hard Witching and Other Stories. Speaking through the narrative voice of a see-all neighbour and filling her story with memorable characters—a blustering, pious priest; a mysterious “witch” faith healer; the town busybody; a fearful young farm wife who is virtually worked to death—Baker unfolds a tale of a small German farming community where the failures of one generation are passed on to the next.

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