Purely Canadian Speculation or The November Book Pick

cousfflgtpI just started reading Flagged Victor, and it’s already time to start asking all of you about our November book pick! November is our Speculative Fiction month. We chose this genre in honour of the Pure Spec convention that happens here in Edmonton this month on the 16-17 at the Ramada.
Rather than open the discussion up to all the fabulous Canadian Speculative Fiction authors out there, we thought we’d narrow it down some. This year, Robert J. Sawyer was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Aurora Award given out by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. This is the first time the award has been given out in 30 years and it seemed a given that we should celebrate this by choosing a Sawyer book for November.

Sawyer is a prolific author, so we narrowed your choices down even more – hope you don’t mind. We would like input on which of his standalone novels we should choose. I’ve given the list below and there is lots of information on his work on his website. Flashforward is my vote, which is why the pic is up, I’m hoping to sway your decisions mwahahaha!
Red Planet Blues
Calculating God
Factoring Humanity
Illegal Alien
Terminal Experiment
End of an Era
Golden Fleece

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4 Responses to Purely Canadian Speculation or The November Book Pick

  1. Calculating God sounds FANTASTIC. I haven’t read Sawyer yet, but this book makes me want to.

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