October Book Pick (New Release): Flagged Victor by Keith Hollihan

flagged-victorAfter discussing faith, religion, sexuality and pain in the last book, I believe Kirt and I subconsciously chose Flagged Victor because we wanted a fun caper. So sue us. It also got the most votes from you…actually it was a tie, but the other book is already in soft cover, so we can choose it later. Also, the other book was all serious and stuff.
Edmontonians are actually getting a fall season this year, so let’s save the heavy reading until the snow sets in, shall we? For now, we shall revel in the bank robberies and Kundera discussions in this Hollihan story while we trundle through the leaves and bring out our sweaters. The October discussion will be out on Remembrance Day (Monday, November 11)
From the back cover:
In Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the late 1980s, two young university students who share a tenuous grasp on morality and a desire to lead remarkable lives convince themselves to risk everything and rob a bank. Chris, the son of a police officer and the one with the charmed life, wants to test his theory that it’s impossible to get caught. His best friend and accomplice hopes that out of the adventure he’ll get the material for the great novel he’s destined to write. Like Butch and Sundance mixed with Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, they begin a crime spree that escalates in daring and comic misadventure until they collide with consequences that will mark them both for the rest of their lives.
          Inspired by the author’s real-life boyhood friendship with a convicted bank robber, and by the morally ambiguous philosophies of Kundera, Conrad, Greene and Nietzsche, Flagged Victor is a gripping and darkly humorous novel of the rivalries, loyalties and betrayals of male friendship and the often crippling regrets of our youth

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