Kirt’s Suggestions for The October Pick

Here are my Top 2 picks:

Top Choice:                                                                                                                     flagged-victorFlagged Victor by Keith Hollihan
It’s set in Halifax and the author’s last name ends in “han”. No brainer.

Second Choice:

CaughtCaught by Lisa Moore
Also set on the East Coast. Also involves a “caper” (the Ocean’s Eleven variety, not a Cape Bretoner). I’ve been thinking a lot about unconventional streams of income lately, I guess.

It’s also from my favourite house, The House of Anansi, and Patrick deWitt endorses it: Shortlisted for Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize. Shortlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize. “In the creation of David Slaney, Lisa Moore brings us an unforgettable character, embodying the exuberance and energy of misspent youth. Caught is a propulsive and harrowing read.” – Patrick deWitt, author of The Sisters Brothers

Internationally acclaimed author Lisa Moore offers us a remarkable new novel about a man who escapes from prison to embark upon one of the most ambitious pot-smuggling adventures ever attempted. Here are bravado and betrayal, bad weather and seas, love, undercover agents, the collusion of governments, unbridled ambition, innocence and the loss thereof, and many, many bales of marijuana. Here, too, is the seeming invincibility of youth and all the folly that it allows. Caught is an exuberant, relentlessly suspenseful, and utterly unique novel, and promises to be the astonishing Lisa Moore’s most accomplished work to date.

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5 Responses to Kirt’s Suggestions for The October Pick

  1. Kirt, are you from the East Coast?

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