The Soundtracks of Our Books

SoundtrackThe cool kids over at House of Anansi Press posted this piece today about proposed song lists to accompany three of their  books. Of the three titles, I (Kirt) have only read The Outlander by Gil Adamson, and I found the song selections very interesting and quite fitting. I tend to prefer silence while I read (a locked, soundproof room with a comfortable sofa and warm lighting would be my ideal reading environment), so, even though I am pretty musical, it would never occur to me to have a playlist playing while reading a book. Also, to my mind, the “soundtrack” would have to be several hours long, and not just five to ten songs. Nevertheless, it got me thinking about the books we’ve done for our podcast: What would the playlist for By Light Alone be? The Little Shadows? The Snow Child? Born Weird (this might be the most challenging, and most fun, to compile)? Monoceros?

I’m going to give this some thought and see what I can come up with. In the meantime, we’d love to see (and hear) any playlist suggestions that you might have for the titles we’ve read at Write Reads.

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