Kay for May Book Pick? Help us choose!

Readers! We need your help! We are very excited about April’s book pick (Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman), and we are already thinking about May.
For May, we would like to introduce a fantasy book into the mix, and since we try to do only Canadian books, the author that immediately jumped to mind was Guy Gavriel Kay. But which of his amazing books should we choose? We are calling on you, the friends of WriteReads, to help us choose! Bear in mind that Kirt has never really been a big fan of the high/quest fantasy genre (I know, how can Tania really be best friends with him when he’s not even a Tolkien fan, right?), so we need to pick the best introduction to Kay that we possibly can so that he, and others who may not have read Kay’s work, will become instantly addicted.
If you’ve read Kay, let us know which of his books makes for the best introduction to his work. If you haven’t read Kay, check out his books here and let us know which one you would be most interested in reading!
And if you’re interested picking up some Canadian fantasy authors in general, wikipedia does indeed have a list.

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2 Responses to Kay for May Book Pick? Help us choose!

  1. Jean says:

    The Lions of Al-Rassan… Moorish Spain and its struggles are disturbingly close to modern day Middle Eastern struggles… it’s probably the least quest-y and magic-y of them all! But Tigana also rocks because it’s just awesome and the best. 😉

  2. fishbone40 says:

    Cool! I have never read Kay, so from reading the book descriptions, my votes would be:
    1) Tigana
    2) Sailing to Sarantium
    3) The Last Light of the Sun.

    Thanks for the oppotunity to vote!

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