February 2013 Book Pick: Why Men Lie by Linden MacIntyre

whymenlieOur next podcast will be airing Monday, March 11th! Apologies for our lateness in officially announcing the February book pick, however you may have heard us blogging or talking about it for the last couple of months, it’s Why Men Lie by Linden MacIntyre.
This book is the second in our two-part discussion of gender in writing and reading. We hope you enjoyed our discussion of Lynn Coady’s book, and that you also think she mastered the male perspective. We are also pondering what you thought of our discussion of how few men read female authors, and our discussion of the topics many women are writing about now. Listen to our last podcast and let us know!
MacIntyre is writing from the female perspective in this novel, which is a companion to The Bishop’s Man. Tania didn’t know this when she started reading it, but it does seem to hold up as a stand alone novel so far, and it is making her want to read The Bishop’s Man. We can’t wait to delve into this novel’s themes!
Will MacIntyre be as successful as Coady in writing from the perspective of the opposite sex? Well, Tania is halfway through the book and it hasn’t yet passed the Bechdel Test, so we shall see…
From the book jacket:
Why do men lie? Effie MacAskill Gillis, a self-sufficient woman of her time, is confident she knows. She learned the hard way—from a war-damaged father and a troubled brother who became a priest, through failed marriages and doomed relationships with weak and needy men. Men lie to satisfy the needs they never can articulate: for sex, for love and reassurance.

Now at middle age, she feels immunized against the damage men can do and enjoys a hard-won independence. But then a chance encounter with a man on a subway platform changes everything—an old friend looks like he, like her, has evolved into an assured and confident maturity. That he seems to have outgrown the need for telling lies is irresistible, and Effie gambles her emotional resources as she never has before. Only to learn that men must lie, and that the consequences of an unexpected lie can be disastrous.

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